Corporate Profile
Established in 2005, TCM (Total Control Management) celebrated its 6th anniversary in 2011. Headquartered in Singapore, TCM is a Real Time Enterprise Solution Provider with a track record for innovation, consultancy, solutions integration and mission critical RFID projects since its inception in the Healthcare, Life Science, Warehousing and Supply Chain verticals. Our offerings leverage on our own proven patented technologies to streamline the dissemination, collection and reporting of field-based data. Through the use of our technologies, companies can now have real time access to operational information which is used to improve the way they interact with employees, partners and customers or for critical decision-making.

TCM is in the heart of Singapore RFID innovation climate and has been featured by IDA as an active player in the Singapore RFID Eco-system.

Its innovation and design has been taken as example of best practices in the Oklahoma State University Research by Associate Professor Satish Bukkapatnam, "Experiment Test Bed for Performance Evaluation of RFID Systems" granted by the Aegis of Celdi Strategic Research Grant. We are an active member of the Singapore RFID Alliance (SFA) workgroup, organized by the Infocomm Authority Development (IDA) of Singapore.

TCM has three patents in the field of RFID Applied Science for Healthcare and Supply Chain Management. Besides Singapore, TCM’s presence also extends to South Korea and Malaysia.

Our Core Values
Total Customer Satisfaction
We strive to exceed our customer requirements backed by the extraordinary services rendered by our support staff. Our goal is no less than Total Customer Satisfaction.

Strategic Growth
We are uniquely positioned to grow and expand in the global business community. With our unmatched portfolio, scale, global footprint and efficient cost structure, we recognise and seize every opportunity to gain market share by extending our reach into margin accretive markets.

We make great customer service greater by exceeding our customer's expectations because we want to create the moment of magic for every one of them.

Continuous Innovation
We are committed to be an ever-growing force in the industry through the introduction of innovative new products every year. TCM will continue to offer significant advantages over competitors.

We empower our employees to be professionals demonstrating the highest standards of ethics and integrity. We demonstrate our commitment to employees by promoting and rewarding them based on their performance.