TCM i-MDS® (Integrated Medicine Dispensing Solution)

TCM i-MDS® is an industry proven system and software solution targeted at patient safety and operational efficiency by helping healthcare professionals in improving medication errors prevention and reduction of nursing labour burden. TCM patented RFID Medication Dispensing Carts and TCM i-MDS® incorporates the “Five Rights” Standard of the Medication Safety. Medicine administration is a critical skill of the professional nurse, who must understand and follow various steps in the drug administration process to assure patient safety. This process consists of the "Five Rights" of medication dosing. If followed, this systematic process can effectively decrease the incidence of medication errors.

Since 2006, TCM has worked with several regional healthcare facilities including National Healthcare Group (NHG) of Singapore to enhance patient safety and allow clinicians to spend more time with their patients.

TCM healthcare product line includes solutions for the pharmacy, nursing unit, operating room and patient bedside. Our offerings range from RFID "smart inventory" cart, high security closed cabinet trolley systems to various small handheld devices that automate various aspects of the medication administration process, increases patient safety by system validation of the "Five Rights" of medication administration and timely reorder of supplies. This is a nursing, pharmacy and technology collaborative initiative to increase patient safety in both dispensing and administration.