TCM Intelli-Shelf

In the current economy, organisations are challenged with increased pressures to continue growing their revenues while containing and reducing costs. Imagine if your product shelves could continually and automatically broadcast what items reside on each specific shelf at any time! The ability to instantaneously track the movement of controlled substances, critical supplies or other assets is now a reality.

TCM Intelli-Shelf uses RFID tags and readers to scan the contents of display, stock shelves and alert store employees when product levels are running low or when theft is detected. Data feeds from smart shelves can also be integrated into inventory management and supply chain systems to help with overall inventory analysis, determine purchase trends and monitor in-store promotions. The user can program the TCM Intelli-Shelf system to perform specific applications, such as stock taking, periodic scanning, browse counting, item searching, misplaced-item reporting, database updating and so on. With RFID technology, continuous cycle counting is possible with no human intervention.

TCM Intelli-Shelf solutions comprise of customise antennas and every item place on the shelves will have a RFID tag or label affixed on it. RFID readers detect signals from the tags placed on shelf items and communicate vital information to the server via TCM software. Information about the shelf items such as unique identification number, time and location are collected and displayed automatically.

TCM Intelli-Shelf can be used in most environments including vendor managed inventory (VMI) industrial settings to increase customer satisfaction by providing up-to-date information on asset availability and location. It also increases the security for sensitive assets by automating access control and alerts.

Read distance from tag 2cm – 1m
Read: Orientation Sensitive Yes
Anti-Collision Capability Yes
# Items that can be read 100+
Simultaneous ID Up to 50 tags/sec
Read/Write Capability Yes
Operating Temperature -20 C to +55 C
Conditions to Avoid
- Water Moderate Impact
- Contact with the Human Body Moderate Impact
- Metal Need 1cm + offset from metal
- Tags to tag direct contact Need 1cm + offset between tags
Smart Shelf Dimensions
Custom Designed Custom design (or retrofit)
Typical Design Example 33cm x 23cm x 2cm
System Components
RFID Readers 
- Fixed position Wired or Wireless LAN
- Hand held Optional
Software Manages Readers to Legacy interface
Smart Labels and tags Various sizes to meet application needs
Antennas Custom designed for application