TCM Light to Pick (L2P)

TCM Light to Pick (L2P) system is a paperless picking technology providing an innovative light directed picking solution for order fulfillment to increase order picking productivity and accuracy in your warehousing and distribution center. The L2P system (Order Picking Systems) is designed to electronically assist sorting personnel in locating the pick location for each line item on the order for any given zone.

The operator would scan the order and the quantity balance is displayed on the "display module" at the bin location. Once the pick is completed, the operator presses the "send" button on the display module and data is electronically transmitted resulting in real-time order and parts tracking.

Increment and decrement buttons are located on each pick module to allow the operator to adjust the quantity displayed to match the actual amount being supplied (in the event of a shortage). The system fully tracks the "pick" in real time as the order is assembled. The lights and quantity display speed up the picking process and increase picking accuracy by indicating where the product is located and how much is needed. Additional functions are available to notify operator if a shortage occurs during the process. TCM L2P system automatically detects the condition that an amount less than the requirement was recorded by the operator so that various notifications can be implemented.

By replacing paper based picking with TCM L2P technology, clients can expect their picking productivity to double in flow/shelf rack picking, mobile cart picking and assembly/kitting workstations.