TCM RFID Retail Enterprise System

Retailers face enormous pressure to gain the most return from their business-process investments. RFID enables business intelligence throughout an organization's value chain to provide critical information for fast and accurate decision making. In the retail industry, keeping adequate stock on the shelves and ensuring product placement in desired locations at the appropriate time are critical. Retailers may appear to be out of stock of a product, when in fact the product may be available in the back of the store or may have been placed on the wrong shelf.

Incorporating TCM RFID technology into existing supply chain operations can reduce the labour required to monitor goods movement, inventory flow and improve the ability to track inventory and to locate objects. TCM Intelli-Track when combine with TCM Intelli-Shelf can help by automatically sending stock requests to the back room, warehouse or supplier. Suppliers and retailers can therefore collect the data and keep track of the time a product stays at a specific location in the retail supply chain. The use of TCM RFID Retail Enterprise System has been proposed as a means of efficiently tracking the presence of products in a retail environment. An effective and efficient distribution system is the key to retailer success.