Our Solutions

TCM's Real Time Enterprise focused solutions respond to the unique concerns of your industry and the essential needs of large organisations in general. We'll help you reduce costs while you conserve natural resources, make smarter decisions with accessible business intelligence, improve productivity with consumer oriented technologies and grow your business with managed innovation.

Cross industry Solutions Overview
TCM i-RITS® was born with the mission of providing an inventory based warehouse management system that fits the requirement of the small to medium supply chain player. Designed for quick implementation, ease-of-use and real-time inventory accuracy TCM i-RITS® Inventory and Warehouse Management System provides immediate information on the quantity, location, and status of every inventory item at anytime, anywhere, eliminating costly paperwork errors and streamlining operations. Our customers have seamlessly integrate TCM i-RITS® with their existing applications such as SAP, Oracle Apps, Manhattan Associates, other purchase and sales order systems in creating an immediate leap of value to their customers.

From the smallest warehouse or stockroom to large warehousing and distribution operations, the flexibility of TCM i-RITS® system allow our customers to automate inventory operations and work more efficiently without any error. Each of our industry portfolios is based on an in-depth knowledge of the processes that drive your business, whether you're a SME or MNC.

TCM i-RITS® Industry Specific Solutions Include:

  • 3PL / Contract Logistics — TCM i-RITS® allows 3PLs to quickly and effectively create a multi-customer inventory management system in either a single or multiple warehouse configurations. Because of this, our 3PL customers can immediately create a level of accuracy and visibility for their own customers beyond what most high end systems that your bigger competitors might be running. As a 3PL, your customers look to you to provide a level of flexibility that supports innovation and changes in their business policies.

  • Healthcare — TCM i-RITS® enable healthcare professionals to eliminates manual data entry, paper files and forms by automating records and other documents that determine how and where medical inventory is received, stored and used. This creates better control of medical inventory and the policies and procedures that are related to management of the inventory levels. Successful and safe patient care requires the right medicine to be made available to the right patient at the right time.

  • Wholesale Distribution — TCM i-RITS® provides an end-to-end solution that integrates purchasing, receiving, order fulfillment and shipping. With the pressure of shorter lead time from the manufacturer and customer, today's wholesale distributors need a more proactive warehouse management system that can match supply and demand quickly and more accurately. By streamlining these key business processes, warehouse managers and staff can have access to the same real time inventory information.

  • FMCG / F&B Services — TCM i-RITS® takes into account many parameters, including warehouse data, customer requests regarding expiration dates, possible product substitution, request on FIFO and run automatically and seamlessly in the background. TCM i-RITS® ensure that all goods are picked accurately and efficiently according to adjusted and required parameters.