Our Value Proposition
We are focus on delivering integrated global asset visibility and real time identification solutions to help transportation companies locate, track, manage and optimize your distribution center so as to increase their operational efficiencies, gain a competitive edge and help ensure safety.

Our Solutions
TCM Asset Management Solutions empower organisations to streamline their transportation and logistical operations. With an automated workflow process, employees can now retrieve items 24 hours a day, seven days a week for repair and maintenance without compromising on security because radio frequency identification will capture and record the movements of every item.

Gain an enterprise view of operations with TCM and build in the flexibility to manage peaks and troughs in demand more effectively. We help organisations to optimise performance, streamline support and maximise their ROI.

Our Customer Testimonial
As a public transportation provider that has great expectations towards operational efficiency and at the same time be mindful of cost, it is often difficult to see the forest from the trees and there is not a lot of time to contemplate either.  TCM as a highly specialized RFID implementer have seized quickly on the opportunities and issues in our business operations and put together a comprehensive plan to lay the foundation of RFID adoption to be cost effective and efficient for our warehouse and inventory management.

TCM as a partner of SMRT is innovative and have great analytical skills which allows them to present to us a completely different prospective of looking at our business segments and we are now leveraging on their talent and solution to become a better operator. The final result of all these hard work produces an award winning business driven IT solution for Singapore’s first public transport to use RFID for its warehousing and inventory management operations. SMRT is very pleased with TCM’s services & support rendered.

Jason C K Chin
Director, Information Technology
SMRT Corporation Ltd (SMRT)